What the Death Mother Knows (Grey Heron Nights 3)

Featured image: Morrigu, by Jillian Tamaki

In May of this year, while we were still settling into our new place in Connemara, and before we were really ready to receive guests, Death walked into our house and, uninvited, sat down at the table.

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Trickster Times

What I love about working with myth is that it always offers insights, not just into the patterns of our individual lives, but into the larger patterns which underlie the times we’re living in. We are mythic animals, and so in some sense we’re always living in mythic times – but sometimes those underlying patterns really start to stand out and become impossible to ignore. Right now, we’re living in Trickster Times. Read More

Trickster, woman, and the long dark

This is the season of the long dark; darkness rules it. I welcome it, not just because I happen to love it, but because it is a real and necessary part of the year and there is no sense in fighting it. The texture of our days alters with the season. There is a flavour of hibernation, a deeper, more velvety sleep. A slowing down, a taking stock. A stasis, a moratorium on new projects, a long brewing in the dark cauldron of transformation, out of which who knows what will emerge in spring? Read More

The power in stories

The kind of stories that I’m interested in exploring on this blog aren’t just for entertainment. They’re not ‘fictions’ in the usual sense of the word. As Alan Garner puts it: ‘The difference between legend and modern storytelling is that the modern story is a conscious fiction, whereas the legend … was, in its origins, an attempt to explain a reality.’ This is what I’m interested in: the stories that underpin our lives, our concepts of the world, our ways of being. Through all the years that I’ve been working with stories I’ve been astonished at how easily people seem able to dismiss stories – ‘fairy stories’ especially. Stuff for kids, they’ll mutter. Escapism. They’re not real. Read More