Islands, Otherworlds, and the labyrinth at the world’s end

I’ve been a bit obsessed by islands recently. It’s not a new obsession; after all, for many years I lived on the remote, storm-bound Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. It’s hard not to think about islands when you’re stalking the wild edges of one every day. But these days, I’m obsessing about islands as Otherworlds, because this has been a strong focus of the first part of my Master’s degree in Celtic Studies. Although little of this is material I haven’t read or worked with before, I’m loving the opportunity to delve deeper into the meanings, make new connections, then weave these threads into my ongoing work. From the magical, Otherworldly stories in the gloriously rich Welsh Mabinogion to the great Otherworldly voyages, the immrama and echtraí of early Ireland, I am overwhelmed, as I always am, by the depth and richness of our native mythology. Read More