10 books of women’s awakenings: fiction

Somehow, this was harder than last week’s post on nonfiction. Perhaps because during the first three or four decades of my life I read vastly more fiction than nonfiction, and so there are so many more titles to choose from. There was the ever-present difficulty of trying not to focus on the novels I have loved best, or which moved and affected me deeply – which would, except for one or two titles here, probably be a different list; nor on the very, very many which made me think deeply – but on those that were most transformative. Read More


10 books of women’s awakenings: nonfiction

I’ve been asked a few times recently about the books which have inspired me most, and contributed to the process of awakening I describe in If Women Rose Rooted. As I began to browse through my bookshelves to see which books have lasted – which have travelled all around the world with me, being packed up and unpacked time and time again because I couldn’t bear to let go of them – it became clear that I was going to have to offer two lists: one for nonfiction, and the other for fiction. So here is the first, and the other to follow next week. Read More