Grey Heron Nights 13: Old Crane Woman hatches her egg

The stories are over, and everything is quiet. Old Crane Woman is hatching her egg. There they are, the Old Crane Twins. Helping Old Crane Woman to hatch her egg. The moon is full, and the world waits. Madadh rua pauses in her tracks. Giorria sits silently in the hedge. Even old feannog, there on the telephone wire, is quietly biding his time. Old Crane Woman is hatching her egg — the egg that was laid at the still point of the turning world.

A sharp crack — and the egg breaks. Old Crane Woman sighs. What does it contain, Old Crane Woman’s egg? What has Old Crane Woman hatched?

Old Crane Woman has hatched a seed: the seed of women’s wisdom.

Will you help the Old Crane Sisters plant it? What are the words you will say?