Imbolc pathways: listening to the land’s dreaming

Some call it augury; I call it listening to the land, and its dreamings. This morning, after a light early snowfall, I set out to see what the Imbolc land had to say to me.

Two ravens, Otherworldly messengers, fly east into spring and the rising sun.

There is always the path in the labyrinth of the bog; there is always the sow-mother’s mountain. Two deer in the distance turn, run along tracks only they know. Will you try to follow? Will you follow their dream-tracks?Imbolc1


Choose your companions carefully; take only those who understand joy.



It’s time to leave your shadow behind.



Today, choose the path that leads into the sun.



Follow it to the dreaming heart of the mountain.



Take joy in the new buds of spring, but cherish the old growth.



There are always more paths than you can take; choose carefully.



Never look back, for the storm may be just behind you.



Old Crane Woman always waits by the water. Pay your respects, then cross. Step over the threshold. Step over the edge. Drink your fill.



Follow the path to the high shining mountain, but always remember what lies buried in the bog.



Far out to sea, magical islands beckon. Will you make the Otherworld journey? Will you cross to the Isle of Women?



Don’t be afraid of the darkening sky. Home is just around the corner. Home waits for you in a gentle hollow, behind a stand of tall guardian trees.



Home is the river. Home is the country of Riverwitch.

Meenderry snow 5



20 thoughts on “Imbolc pathways: listening to the land’s dreaming

  1. Beautiful and so evocative . It reminds me I need to visit the mountains or Tors soon. Here in Crow Valley we are to celebrate possibly our last Imbolc as dwellers in our wee cottage. New beginnings and bright tomorrows beckon. Planting the seeds today. With love and hope.


  2. Walking this with you on this day of Imbolc, I could feel hope returning and lost myself in the awe-filled photographs you shared.
    Music in both your words and your photographs.
    Blessed Be!


  3. Thankyou and Blessings..the holy water was swift and mossy today with limp trails of old summer… biting cold enough to quicken the seeds below..I loved your majestic walk, my companion was as joyous as yours..


  4. Beautiful. It is Lammas, Lughnasadh, here, at the other side of the world. I have never been to Ireland but it is the home of wild love for me and you make me homesick for it all over again.


  5. i just returned from walking our woods
    feeling the snow fall
    gently on my face
    the song of the few birds we have
    the business of our tiny squirrels
    a wintry imbolc for us

    your post it lovely
    the journey you have offered touches my spirit
    thank you


  6. This is the third time I’ve come in here to read and comment on this post but I am left wordless each time. You tread a path that interweaves with mine so profoundly from time to time that I am left breathless. I am in a deeper, richer place because of your sharing – thank you.


  7. wonderful just wonderful, I love the idea of walking the land as an augury. I guess that is what my walking practise has become these days. here’s wishing you a blessed imbolc ^.^


  8. It is a deep winter snow today…so I walk through my soul today instead of Mother’s earth. I’ve had deep stirrings of late, a rhythmic beating slowly making it’s way out of my shell. With blessed Imbolc, I believe it’s my time to emerge and follow ways I’ve long suppressed. Powers greater than I have led me to your words and I feel gratitude. I embrace the journey and will follow this dream.


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