Grey Heron Nights 14: Old Crane Woman plants the new World Tree

Old Crane Woman is planting a seed. Her sisters have gathered; will you gather with them? What will you bring? Here is what Old Crane Woman will bring: scraps, stories, a dance, a poem. Skin for a crane bag, just enough food. Dreams, beauty and truth. The seed of a revolution. All that and more is what Old Crane Woman will bring. What will you bring?

The seed is in the ground now, and all that Old Crane Woman has given is planted around it. What will you plant? She waters the seed with her tears. She feeds the seed with her love. Old Crane Woman stands back, to watch it begin to grow. Old Crane Woman has planted a new World Tree. Will you help it grow? Look into her eyes, and listen. Here’s what Old Crane Woman has to say:

This tree will take some time to grow.
Water it always.
The soil around it seems rich and fertile;
Feed it anyway.
Dream alongside this tree, then tell the tree your dreams.
Let your dreams sink into its roots.
Let its branches grow out of your love and your rage.
Sing to this tree, and tell the tree your stories.
Dance around this tree, and decorate it with your words.
Tie your rags around its branches, the rags that heal the world.
Dream this tree into being.
Dream this tree into being.

This tree will only grow if you tend it.
This tree will only grow if you commit to it.
Do not let this tree die.
Do not allow them to uproot this tree.
Fight for this tree.
Care for its roots, for they reach deep into the earth.
Care for its branches, for they reach high into the sky.
Care for its trunk, for it connects the nine worlds.
Stand guard.
Be always on your guard.
The long vigil is for all of us.
Watch with me. Watch with Old Crane Woman.
Gather with me.
Dream this tree into being.

Stand guard. Stand tall, and strong.
Stand for this tree.
Rise, and stand.

Old Crane Woman has planted a new World Tree. Stand now, stand with Old Crane Woman. Make the new tree grow.

Tree hands

She’s flying now, Old Crane Woman. She’s going away; it’s time for a rest. Tend her seed while she’s gone.

But do you think she’s done, Old Crane Woman? Do you think she’s done?

Old Crane Woman isn’t done. Old Crane Woman is never done. She is the oldest creature in the world, and still she’s not done. She guards the borders of life and death. She’s the flower on the tree of darkness, the bright white fire at the heart of the Mystery. She’s with you, Old Crane Woman. In the full-moon glare, on the river bank; in the new-moon dark on the midnight shore. Listen for her calling and you’ll hear her, Old Crane Woman. She’s there. She’s always there.



6 thoughts on “Grey Heron Nights 14: Old Crane Woman plants the new World Tree

  1. Bringing my longing, my elderwoman spirit of responsibility, commitment and passion to be planted deep. Dreaming the new World Tree into being.


  2. Bringing my stories yet unwritten straining to be given language and image and presence. Bringing my hope for a better way of being and my trust that hope evolves in time into a refreshed reality. Bringing my listening and my reflective action. I stand with the new World Tree as it and I continue to sink roots deep into the rich ancestral soil and reach towards the star strewn night sky and remain a link between them in my own way. Thank you so much for these inspired and inspiring reflections on Old Crane Woman who was and is and is yet to be.


  3. I feel very fortunate to have been able to read these beautiful words…… thank-you Sharon 🙂 On this day of new beginnings when I have spent most of it feeling a little worse for wear, to be gently reminded of the call and the task….. in the dream and dreaming the dream – may all goodness and happiness flourish and may fear and hatred melt away


  4. This journey with Old Crane woman has, is seeding something deep in me. A visceral knowing is stirred, a heart’s longing awoken, an ancient connection remembered. Yes, to be with the seed of the new world tree, of what is wanting to come into being. Thank you so much


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