Acts of Re-enchantment 1

My friend Kate McGillivray shared these photographs with me recently; they are of a doll she made as part of a larger project exploring her relationship with place. She describes the doll as follows:

“I wove her body on a hand loom. She is stuffed with raw fleece gathered on walks across the Galloway landscape. The slightly dreadlocked hair hints of her flamboyant tendencies … head, scarf, cloak and bag were made using linen which I dyed with herbs and rusting metals, gathered from my garden and the deep verges that line the old ways. Her name (which cannot be revealed) is printed on the scrap tucked into her belt. The bag carries a wee, and very essential, stone. Tied on a nettle thong is a very old charm in the shape (shifter …) of a hare.”


It seemed to me that the act of creating an object like this – which in some way represents aspects of the self – from the landscape in which you live, is an act of deep connection. It inspired me, and several other women who are part of the group in which it was shared, to create my own. A fine creative project for a dark winter’s night …


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