Prairie Meadows Casino Buffet

prairie meadows casino buffet

Prairie Meadows Casino Buffet

Prairie Meadows Casino Buffet is definitely a fabulous place to hold your meeting, party or special event. The event can be held in your private residence, on property owned by the casino, or on land owned by the casino and leased to you. There are also a number of special events that you can hold.

The location is located near many numerous large outdoor spaces. You will be close to many streams, rivers, and lakes. Your guests will have a wonderful time going along with you through these recreational spots.

When holding your private event, Prairie Meadows is well equipped with high quality indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. The facilities are ideal for a business meeting, golf tournament, wedding reception, dinner party, corporate picnic, birthday party, corporate function, or family reunion. To ensure that your guests are well taken care of, you will be provided with delicious appetizers, drinks, and light snacks. We have over 40 different types of food, including many unique appetizers to choose from.

Any time that you wish to hold a special event or function at Prairie Meadows, there are several special service options available to you. At your event, you can include your guests in planning your event. These options include: setting up a catering or service cart, picking up the catering boxes, and passing out menus.

Besides catering services, there are many other services that you can use at the site. The property has six grocery stores, three restaurants, and a liquor store, so you will never run out of variety.

Whether you are hosting a group function or just have a wedding reception, you will find it convenient to hire your reception services through Prairie Meadows. They will manage your event, take care of all the details, and present you with food and drinks. You will be able to visit the newlyweds’ home and have a romantic afternoon of exchanging sweet nothings.

If you have an upcoming party or event at Prairie Meadows, we would love to see you. Contact us today and schedule your reservation today. Please click the link below to get more information about our event planners.