Is Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines Your Next Casino Stop?

As one of the largest entertainment destinations in the country, Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines has plenty to offer from the many games and attractions that are available for your enjoyment. No matter what type of casino player you are, you will surely find something enjoyable for you to do in the casino.

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Although Prairie Meadows is one of the largest casinos in the state, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay around for the entire night to get a good time out of it. Many of the guests here take advantage of the nightlife options that are available on the casino grounds. There are several bars and pubs located all over the casino that provide an experience for casino fans who enjoy a bit of the nightlife while they are playing in the games.

If you are in the mood for a more laid back atmosphere, you can take advantage of the club scene on the casino premises. There are two large nightclubs in the Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines that serve as a perfect setting for a night out. The main bar provides an open seating area, while the second bar features a number of dance clubs. When you are not playing slots or playing at one of the slot machines, you can try one of the clubs or bars.

Another feature that you won’t find in Prairie Meadows is an ATM machine. The closest ATM machine to the casino is located outside the casino on the west side of the Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines. The northern side of the casino will give you the opportunity to go in and check your balance in a certain machine.

You might want to take a look at the miniature train track that is located in the Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines. If you have always dreamed of having your own train, you can visit this track and ride along on it in order to enjoy a bit of the adrenaline rush that is offered by the miniature train. This is a great attraction for kids that want to see the Grand Trunk Railroad while they are playing slots at the casino.

You can also take advantage of the 4-track video poker machine if you wish to play some slot machines here. You can also check out the slot machines that have a star emblem printed onto them, which is an indication that this machine has a special bonus for the player.

In the North Arcade that is located near the Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines, you can have a nice look at the live bands that perform on the weekends. The patio in the casino provides you with the ideal place to hang out with your friends after you have played your money in the slot machines here.

A few days spent at the Prairie Meadows Casino Des Moines can really be a life changing experience for many people. Whether you want to go and gamble a bit, or just take in the various things that have been located inside the casino, you will definitely find a lot to do here in the Cedar Rapids area.