The Prairie Meadows Casino in Altoona Pennsylvania

The Prairie meadows casino in Altoona, Pennsylvania has received an upgrade over the last several months. The new casino is now a three-level casino that is equipped with all the latest and greatest gaming equipment. A number of high-tech gaming systems have been added to the main casino area that includes the newly upgraded slot machines and other popular gaming tables.

prairie meadows casino altoona

In addition to upgrading their facilities, the casino also made some upgrades to their gaming floor and the VIP areas which were previously in need of repair or modernization. A new state-of-the-art video poker system has replaced the older technology of the machines, and an upgraded music system was added to the venue. A professional casino game technician and maintenance crew was hired to make sure all the latest gaming technology and safety features are operating at a high level.

The casino in Altoona, Pennsylvania is also equipped with high speed internet. With this convenience, patrons can play their favorite online casino games without having to leave their home. These high-speed internet connections allow patrons to play their favorite online casino games while on the go. This convenience is also provided by the facility’s wireless broadband network that makes it easy for guests to connect to the internet wherever they may be.

The Prairie meadows casino in Altoona, PA is also equipped with a live casino dealer. This dealer can help you choose from a variety of casino games and also can offer suggestions to ensure you enjoy your stay. A variety of drinks are also available to guests at the Prairie meadows casino in Altoona, PA. These drinks can be purchased from the concessionaire’s counter or brought to your room directly from their bar.

You may also wish to take advantage of the Prairie meadows casino’s free entertainment. Guests can watch live performances from local artists as well as concerts by top local musicians, all free of charge. The facility also offers special shows at certain times throughout the year. The Prairie meadows casino in Altoona, PA also provides a number of live comedy acts on Friday nights, a sports section and a children’s section for patrons of all ages.

For those who want a little bit more entertainment, the Prairie meadows casino in Altoona, PA is able to provide live music for a couple of hours every day during the week. If you would prefer to get away from the casino environment of gambling and just enjoy a great night out with your family or friends, you can do just that at the Prairie meadows casino in Altoona. PA.