Prairie Meadows Casino

To think that a casino could be in Altoona Iowa for over twenty-five years and still be thriving. One would think that the lack of competition would have killed the business, but it seems that it is a successful casino. Even though they are not as popular as the old River City Casino on Fort Dodge Iowa, there are still plenty of people who visit.

prairie meadows casino altoona iowa

In fact, there are so many people who visit the Prairie Meadows Casino each year that they are hoping to hire a few more staff members. The idea of hiring more people to assist the servers and bartenders is very appealing to everyone who visits the casino. As well, it allows the casino to be open when it is convenient for everyone. Since they get no government funding, they must take any help they can get.

One of the many benefits of the Prairie Meadows Casino to the patrons of the casino is the welcome bonuses that they offer. They include free drinks all night long, unlimited drinks all night long, free appetizers, and free bread sticks. Another great perk of being a patron of the casino is that you receive a free ticket per month.

All the patrons of the casino in Altoona Iowa are encouraged to visit the casino once a month in order to ensure that their spending habits are monitored. This way, they will know how much money they will be giving to the new “Hotel Patrons” program that is offered by the casino. After all, they are expected to help support the operation of the casino.

The first thing a person will notice upon entering the casino is the rich history. The casino has been around for a long time and is the second oldest in the state of Iowa. If you are in the area, then you are definitely bound to see it.

The first thing to remember when visiting the casino is that it is very easy to find. You do not want to visit the casino and be confused by all the different entrances. The casino is located right in the middle of the town of Altoona and will take you to all the necessities of life. In addition, it is located in the middle of a very busy highway.

It is recommended that you visit the Prairie Meadows Casino Altoona Iowa when the weather is warm. At times, the casino can get quite hectic because of the traffic that it brings. However, once the weather gets nice, then the casino is open all hours of the day and night. If you have a chance to visit, then you should absolutely take advantage of it.

Many of the people who visit the Prairie Meadows Casino Altoona Iowa come back again because they love the fact that they can eat a meal at the casino without leaving the comfort of their homes. Since they don’t have to worry about driving to and from the casino, they feel much more comfortable. They love the way that they can have a meal and enjoy the ambiance of the casino.