The hotel and casino prairie meadows are an amazing place to visit and is a must for anyone that visits the area. There is so much to do on the prairie meadows. The prairie meadows are just simply wonderful, and I would urge you to try to experience all that it has to offer to the next person you know. What a wonderful way to start off your vacation! Take a few days off of work, book your flights, get some lodging and let the fun begin.

prairie meadows hotel and casino

Hotel Prairie Meadow Casino Raceway and Hotel 1 Prairie Meadow Drive, Altoona, Iowa 50009-A, USA – Good location – good value – show room for Prairie Meadow Casino racetrack & hotel – rated 9 by previous visitors! The Prairie Meadow Casino has two locations. The first is at Prairie Meadow Drive and the second one is at Prairie Meadow Place. Both of these places are located near the intersection of I-80 and U.S. highway 80. The motel is about two miles from these areas and is less than one mile from the front door of the prairie meadows.

Hotel Prairie Meadow Casino has two types of rooms, both of them have the same amenities as well. The first type of room that they have available is known as the Park Suites. This type of room comes with a desk, chair, a night stand, a refrigerator, an iron, and an air conditioning unit. The second type of room that they have available is called the Family Suites and this type of room comes with a bed, a couch, a refrigerator, and air conditioner. This is the room that most people stay in when they are visiting the prairie meadows, this is also the most expensive of the rooms that the hotel and casino have to offer.

The Casino and Raceway have a huge variety of things that they can offer the customers. This includes things such as a free daily breakfast, free high speed internet, free breakfast with an apple or banana, free coffee in the morning, free lunch, free laundry service, free room service, free parking in the front of the hotel, free car rental service, and many other great perks that you could enjoy. during your stay. The Casino and Raceway have a very friendly staff and they are always ready to help you feel comfortable in whatever situation you may come into with.

Hotel and casino are a little bit farther from the front door of the prairie meadows but if you decide to drive there, the hotel and casino are easily accessible. The parking lot is not that big and not that difficult to maneuver around in. The hotel and casino are a five minute walk from the front entrance and you won’t even have to walk far to get to the casino. You will find a small parking lot in front of the hotel and they are a very convenient stop for people that are just driving through to visit the prairie meadows.

The hotel and casino are a very good place to stay and for anyone who likes to visit the prairie meadows, this is a must to do. The hotel and casino will offer you everything that you need for your stay. You won’t find better accommodations in the area and the staff that you will find is friendly and will make sure that you have a pleasant stay while you are in the area.