Altoona Iowan Gets First Casino Licenses in Altoona

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Altoona Iowan Gets First Casino Licenses in Altoona

An Altoona, Iowa, casino is coming to the prairie meadows in Frontier Town. The developer says it will bring a great deal of jobs and revenue to a region that has been under a lot of stress over the last couple of years. With just a fraction of a mile of land left for development the two parcels that were originally available, both owned by the Fort Dodge Chapter of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, are now up for grabs.

It has been a roller coaster ride for Frontier Town over the last few years with casinos popping up all over the area. In fact, there are four to choose from. Most of the games are cash games but there are also video poker machines and other slot tables. They have had a casino license for five years and now they have an opportunity to be the first casino to be built in Altoona, Iowa.

The area of Altoona is still being developed and many citizens of the town fear they will be forgotten after the casinos have been shut down. But the developer of the casino doesn’t see it that way. “The landscape has changed so much that the Altoona Iowan will be able to find new things to do than drive down the road to the other side of town,” said John Kichmeyer, developer of the casino. “I want the residents of Altoona to remember the casino as one more aspect of life.”

The developer is trying to ensure the Altoona Iowan remembers them when they visit the prairie meadows in Frontier Town. There will be a full service restaurant with the potential for some entertainment, and not just the typical dice games that are common at most casinos.

The new casino is actually an extension of the village of Altoona itself, with a banquet hall and banquet center on the site of the old museum that once held exhibits about the dairy business. The building also holds up to eighty seats. The developers feel this will give the township a much needed boost in business when it reopens after its winter months of construction.

The developers also say they plan to offer services including food, lodging, and other amenities. They say they have the capacity to house eighty people at one time, making it possible for forty families to spend the night each night of the construction. Each of the casino rooms will have private pool areas and a place to swim. When the construction is completed the area will be a full-service resort.

There are already a number of people who have made reservations for the first months of operation of the Altoona casino. They say they intend to use the service often and not just for special occasions. They will also be glad to know that there will be no shortage of slots for them to enjoy. The casino will feature two hundred slot games and ten video poker machines.

This new casino could provide a boost to the economy in Altoona and create jobs and revenue for the whole community. And if the council agrees to the proposal the prairie meadows area will be his.